Welcome to Steed Productions

We are a multimedia production company based out of Salt Lake City founded and run by James and Molly Rose Steed. Our mission is to create high-quality audio works that either stand alone or work in tandem with visual projects.

While our company is capable of full-service Audio/Visual project development, we specialize in sound. The services we offer and facets of the industry we focus on are:

  • Overall Sound Design for audio/visual and pure audio projects.
  • Post-Production sound elements planning, capturing and mixing. (Foley, SFX, ADR, etc.)
  • Scoring for film, video and pure audio projects.
  • Scoring and SFX for video games.

About Steed Productions

We are a husband and wife team working together to create our own content as well as audio content for others' projects. We are both graduates from different film schools:

  • Molly received her BA in from Washington University in Saint Louis, MO where she double-majored in both Film Studies and Literary Classics. She went on to receive a Masters in Film Archiving from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England.
  • James received his BA from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, UT in Film and Media Arts.

Our mutual love for film and music brought us together and now we are working to create a sustainable company, Steed Productions, focused on creating and distributing a wide variety of content with a focus on creating and mixing music and sounds.

Over the past several years, James has worked toward developing an underlying process and plan for our company. Meanwhile, Molly worked her way up to becoming Head of (the) Moving Image and Sound Archive at the University of Utah .

We create much of our own content in a variety of formats. To see the projects and programs that are underway, visit our artists' site at jamesandmollyrose.com. Here you will find our images, personal music, in-house audio/visual projects, public domain-related projects, technique aids and more!