Technique and Process Development

Technique and process development is of the utmost importance for our ability to improve our capabilities and achieve higher levels of efficiency.  Since techniques and processes are so important, we have dedicated a large amount of resources in creating our own unique processes as well as developing tools to help us maintain these processes as well as refine our artistic techniques.  Many of these tools and tutorials about our processes as well as advice how you can utilize what we’ve learned to help you in your own process and technique development can be found here in this program page.

Guitar Fret Board Diagrams

A thorough exploration into the nature of the guitar fret board is extremely important in the development of guitar technique.  Locked within the guitar’s fret board is information about the nature of musical technique and, though the guitar can be viewed as a somewhat rudimentary instrument, the complexity in learning to be an accomplished musician on the guitar is not to be underestimated.  James’ primary instrument is the guitar and he continues to work toward refining his technique as well as learning how music theory relates to the guitar.  These custom-made fret board diagrams have been very helpful in this quest and it is our hope that they will help other guitarists to achieve higher levels of musicianship.

All of these exercises are designed to be printed in a landscape orientation.