Public Domain Projects

We utilize Public Domain works for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to, adaptation, recreation/performance, character and story inspiration, and technique development. As we adapt and recreate different public domain works, the original works of writing, music, etc. will be shared here for people to utilize for their own purposes.  The list of all of our public domain project pages follows, click any title to see the content related to the story, poem, song, etc.

Saint James Infirmary Blues

The Saint James Infirmary Blues is a jazz song of uncertain origins that found its way into the emerging jazz scene of the late 19th or early 20th century.  Although the song is called a “blues” song, it varies from what is the traditional or more common 12 bars blues progression.

Obvious connections between this song can be drawn to the many variations of the 18th century English Folk song “The Unfortunate Rake.”  In story structure, these songs are very similar as well as the mentioning of the Saint James’ Hospital in most versions of the song.  Another obvious connection, predominantly in story structure, can be made with the American folk song “The Cowboy’s Lament”. (AKA “The Streets of Laredo.”)

The Raven

One of the most influential and well-known poems in American history, The Raven was a definite highlight in the career of Edgar Allen Poe that made him a household name and helped fuel his popularity for his short career as a writer.

The Poem is made up of 18 stanzas of six lines each.  The meter is generally accepted to be in torchaic octameter.  Poe, however, claimed the poem to be in a combination of octameter acatalectic, heptameter catalectic and tetrameter catalectic.  (The text above is borrowed heavily from the Wikipedia poetic structure section of The Raven and left here for our own reference).

From Beyond

From Beyond is a short story written in 1920 by H.P Lovecraft.  Although it isn’t his most well known story, it has many interesting elements to it and is, in general, one of his easier stories to follow.  The long-winded and frantic speeches raved by the antagonist, Crawford Tillinghast, make this story a fun and entertaining oration project.

The Lurking Fear

H.P. Lovecraft’s serialized short horror story The Lurking Fear was written in 1922 and published in the January through April issues of the magazine Home Brew.  It chronicles the story of an adventurer who seeks out horrific scenarios and his attempt to unravel the mystery of the Martense family and their connection with an unknown lurking fear ravaging the rural population of the early 20th century Catskill Mountain range.