Introduction to a Musician’s Literacy

Consider this an introductory post to James’ musical literacy project.  In recent weeks, I have dedicated a large amount of my time towards becoming a literate musician.  That is to say, I’m determined to be able to write and site-read musical notation.  I am already, what I would consider to be, a competent musician and guitarist but one of the things that has always bothered me and has limited my growth as a musician is that I cannot write or site-read musical notation.  I have a rudimentary knowledge of the bass and treble staffs and can, with some thought and calculation, determine notes on the staffs.  However, my ability to hear and perform what is written on paper is weak at best. Continue reading Introduction to a Musician’s Literacy

Capturing Snow Monster Art

On the 22nd of January, 2017 we setup and captured images of the original poster and the existing content art of our Night of the Snow Monster film.  Our intention for this shoot was to capture high-quality digital representations of the paintings to allow us to be able to utilize the images on the internet in a variety of ways for development of the promotional aspects of the project as well as the visual aspects of the project itself.  All told we were planning to capture 4 images:

  • The original  poster for the film
  • 3 concept art images

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Our First Snow Monster Movie Makeup Test

On the 25th of January, we undertook a photography session to test some ideas for lighting and makeup for our upcoming film Night of the Snow Monster.  With this shot we were testing out a wide variety of elements that we believe will be important to get a grip on before we enter into principal photography for the film, namely:

  • Is the combination of makeup we are assuming we would like to use give our character the look we want her to have?
  • Will the makeup hold up under the lights?
  • How will our cameras and lenses handle the lighting look and feel we are going to be going for in the film?
  • Lighting setups that achieve some of the elements of the overall mise en scène we are looking for in the film.

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Capturing Cook Book Photos January 2017

One of the programs we started with the coming of 2017 was our Cook Book program. In the month of January, for the Cook Book program, we undertook 3 photography sessions intending to capture 6 images. One of the images, the image of the pot-hanger I made out of discarded canes, was slated to be the main image of the recipe page itself. The other 5 images were to be the featured image related directly to specific recipe posts. Only 4 of the images were really usable as recipe featured images, and I’ll go into why later in this post. Continue reading Capturing Cook Book Photos January 2017