Noodle Owl Poetry August 8 2019


Do you recall a time when you were young?

A time of innocence a time that’s lost?

A memory of songs joyously sung?

You never had to think about the cost

Of time forgotten time that you left hung

To dry upon the moments that you lost.

Remember well, for there is still a chance

To find a way to sing, to fly, to dance.

Create a Dynamic List From a Header Name in Excel

I use this formula constantly to limit selections in cells in Excel. This formula allows you to not only have the list auto-populate as you add elements to it, but it also allows you to move your list to a different area within your sheet and maintain the list without having to change your formula. Continue reading Create a Dynamic List From a Header Name in Excel

Dominant Chord Diagrams With Notations

These diagrams are designed to connect the notes on the guitar with musical notation for dominant chords.  One of the theories I learned from the chord chemist, Ted Greene, is that there are 4 possible inversions of 4 note chords on a particular set of 4 strings.  I have applied this theory to these diagrams.  Use these to train your fingers to create dominant chords as well as train yourself to recognize notes on the guitar, their relationship to musical notation as well as recognition of intervals on the notation staff.

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All of these exercises are designed to be printed in a landscape orientation.

Introduction to a Musician’s Literacy

Consider this an introductory post to James’ musical literacy project.  In recent weeks, I have dedicated a large amount of my time towards becoming a literate musician.  That is to say, I’m determined to be able to write and site-read musical notation.  I am already, what I would consider to be, a competent musician and guitarist but one of the things that has always bothered me and has limited my growth as a musician is that I cannot write or site-read musical notation.  I have a rudimentary knowledge of the bass and treble staffs and can, with some thought and calculation, determine notes on the staffs.  However, my ability to hear and perform what is written on paper is weak at best. Continue reading Introduction to a Musician’s Literacy

Ten Pages of Blank Guitar Fret Board Diagrams

Blank guitar fret board diagrams are extremely useful tools when learning how the guitar fits into the musical spectrum.  It’s a puzzle that is solved by study but needs to be solved instantaneously while playing.  Use these to help you to find patters and locations on the fret board.  There are 10 pages in this PDF file.  If you need more, download more!  Print, study, repeat.  I spent many an hour on some blank diagrams I got from someone else.  Those are used up so I decided to make my own.  Enjoy!

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All of these exercises are designed to be printed in a landscape orientation.





Three String Major Triads for Guitar in F

These particular exercises are designed to give guitarists a better idea how the same chords can be created in different areas of the fret board.  In addition to that, it’s to show that many inversions of a basic major chord only exist in, at most, a couple of specific areas of the neck and that many only exist in one specific location.  Providing the staff and notes is there for sight-reading practice and to start correlating where the fret-hand is for specific inversions.  I chose the key of F because it has the greatest range available without relying on open strings.  Keep in mind that there are many more inversions than are covered here if open strings are utilized.  That is a lesson for another day.

Included here are two different versions of these exercises.  Some of the inversions are what I consider to be too difficult to use and tend to cause some discomfort in my hands.  I have, therefore, created a version of what I consider to be playable inversions:

Click here to view/download PDF of playable 3 string triads in the key of F.

In addition to the playable list, here are all of the 3 string triads I’ve discovered for reference and learning.  Also, if you have huge hands, you probably could play all of these comfortably:

Click here to view/download PDF of all 3 string triads in the key of F.

All of these exercises are designed to be printed in a landscape orientation.